Vintage Fleur Tote Bag



Vintage Fleur Tote Bag


Our beautiful Vintage fleur tote bag is a perfect companion at the beach, market, or a day of summer errands. Embellished with beautiful hand crocheted flowers to add a vintage charm

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Our beautiful Vintage Flower Tote bag is a perfect companion at the beach, market, or a day full of summer errands. Its embellished with beautiful hand crocheted flowers to add a vintage charm.

Materials Used
  • Vintage Flower Tote bag crafted with Kauna by our skilled women artisans in Manipur (North-East India). Kauna is the Manipuri name for bull rush, a type of water reed.
  • Hand crocheted Flowers
  • Handcrafted, naturally tanned leather handles crafted ethically by our shepherd community in Northern Karnataka
  • Cotton inner lining for style & comfort
 Handcrafted and Unique

Every ZIVELI bag is one of a kind, handcrafted using natural materials. Slight colour and size variation may occur as all our products are handmade and that makes each of our pieces truly unique. Want to know more about our products ?! Go ahead, click here

Read why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Product Care
  • Keep the Vintage Flower Tote bag away from moisture
  • If your ZIVELI bag gets dirty, wipe gently with a soft, damp cloth and dry it well
  • During monsoons, in case of fungus infestation, clean with white vinegar
Kauna Craft 

Kauna reed is a perennial grass-like plant that grows all around the world at different temperatures and can grow as tall as 10 feet in shallow water or on marshy land. The plant is naturally resistant to insects. We at ZIVELI work with women in Manipur, to craft our unique Kauna reed bags and baskets.

How this Bag is Made

Artisans cut the Kauna Reed when the plant grows to about 3-4 feet and sun dries the reed. They moisten the reed again to increase flexibility during hand weaving of Bags & Baskets. The tools used in the weaving process are very simple. The artisans need a regular needle for stitching and of course a sharp pair of scissors or pliers for cutting purposes.

Ethical & Sustainable

ZIVELI started with 50 women artisans 3 years ago and now we work with 200+ Artisans. Since we started our artisan’s monthly income has tripled and they are now guaranteed, regular work for 7-8 months of the year. Their spending power has increased and this has resulted in phenomenal overall development of the region.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 9 × 12 in
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